Buy Bowling Shoes if You Are Serious

If there is one thing about bowling that somewhat helps to give this sport a bad reputation, it is the shoes. Bowling shoes are the epitome of awful to people for a few variety of reasons.

First of all, many people are not overly keen on the style of the rental shoes available in most of the bowling alleys.

These kind of shoes are not most people's idea of high fashion as they look clunky, scruffy, and multi-colored – though it must be said that SOMEBODY seems to like them... because rental bowling shoes are getting stolen all the time.

The other reason people give bowling shoes a big thumbs down is that they are indeed rental shoes. You cannot be quite sure whose foot has been in them before yours, and most of the time, you really do not want to know. So, if bowling shoes are such a dreaded part of the game, why don't bowlers just do away with them? Are the shoes really that significant?

In a word, yes. Bowling shoes are an extremely important part of the game. They are not to be taken lightly.

Firstly, the shoes help preserve the bowling lanes and keep them in working order. The soles on the shoes do not scuff up the lanes the way normal shoes would; if normal shoes were allowed, the lanes would eventually have grooves and digs in them that would disrupt the way the balls roll.

Moreover, bowling shoes also help you as a bowler. Because their sliding soles let you slide and move on the lanes like you need to without falling down. Without these sliding soles, your shoes would catch on the floor, and either mess up or shot or pitch you right over on your face.

For a casual bowler, rental shoes are absolutely sufficient, if a little unsettling to some. If you are a serious bowler, however, given the importance of the proper footwear to the game, you should consider purchasing your own pair of bowling shoes. There are many styles and types on the market, and they are becoming more widely available in traditional sport shops. The kind you need depends on a combination of your skill factor and your personal preference.

If you are a novice bowler, look for so-called athletic bowling shoes. These bowling shoes look more like traditional athletic shoes than other bowling shoes, but they have two sliding soles like the shoes you normally rent from a bowling alley.

If you are a more experienced or advanced bowler, go for the shoes the professionals wear. Pro bowlers are likely to go for shoes known as performance bowling shoes. This variety of shoe has one sliding sole and one non-slip sole, to give players more maneuverability.

Once you have decided the right kind of soles for your shoes, now you have to select a style. You can find anything from monochrome black shoes to those multi-colored clunkers we all know so well, and anything else in between. If you cannot find what you want at any sport stores, try visiting a dedicated bowling pro shop, or do your shopping online.

Even if you do not get your own pair of shoes, going rental does not have to be an unpleasant experience. Because most, if not all, bowling alleys give the shoes an antibacterial spray between each use. But to be on the safe side, giving them a spray of your own before wearing them is not such a bad idea.

Last but not least, remember to bring your athletic socks to the alley! If you forget your socks, most alleys have socks available to purchase. Do NOT go barefoot – for your own sake, and for the sake of the person who has to put them on after you.