How Mental Skills Can Help Your Win

As with any sport or activity, the mental game is where it all starts. Without the mental preparation or appropriate mindset, your game will likely suffer. Since bowling is a logical game, you must be able to use your brain to calculate and determine your next approach, grip and release.

A good way in which to develop the mental aspect of your game is to think before you play.

Determine your strategy before you even enter the approach area. Develop scenarios in your mind and think about your approach and what type of ball it will take to knock down the pins.

When you do this, you are rationalizing your game and preparing yourself for what you will do next.

Every one knows that a well-prepared individual will perform better and make better decisions than someone that plays haphazardly.

By strengthening your mindset and practicing situations in your mind, you are developing a plan of what to do next. The more that you practice and prepare yourself, the more likely that you are to revert back to the trained behavior.

Coaching is one of the factors you will encounter in the leagues. Different players who are learning how to bowl better will seek out professional coaches--to help them not only with the fundamentals of the game that deal with stance or delivery, but also with the mental skills that are needed.

Sometimes, the very fact that a certain professional coach is sought out by a large number of players adds to the mental aspects!

Probably the most challenging mental aspect for some participants is the fact that they encounter the pressure of stage fright. They may feel like they are literally up on stage when it is their turn to bowl, and suddenly they find they are unable to concentrate on oil patterns and breakpoints, and instead are either anxious to get their turn over with, or are so frozen that it takes them a long time to even take their turn.

The stage fright as well as the ability to act under pressure needs to be addressed. Those individuals who have a hard time dealing with anything less than a perfect roll, and who are adversely affected by even the smallest mistake will find that the biggest mental aspect in their game is the motivation.

Perhaps they are very ego-centered rather than able to be content with improving their performance, albeit gradually.

There is yet another reason why the mental aspects of the game can leave some of the players feeling pinned down: the competition is bound to catch on to your mood quickly and succinctly.

Depending on how competitive the match is, other players may use your mood against you to outmaneuver your shots, and to even intimidate you to such an extent that you will not be able to properly concentrate and play to your full potential. This is yet another reason why it is so important to get the mental aspect of bowling under control!

If all else fails and you do not seem to be able to get a handle on the mental aspects of the game, you may wish to avail yourself of the services that are offered by professional sports psychologists. These individuals are trained in helping professional and amateur athletes break through their self imposed barriers, in order to unlock their best games and to overcome obstacles that cannot be otherwise avoided.