Bowling League: Rules, Cost and More

In most bowling leagues the players will purchase a team shirt and sometimes even matching equipment. The matching shirts can be designed in a number of ways and can range in colors.

As with most leagues the team will get together and design a logo or saying that sets them apart from the other leagues. This helps the team with identification and a feeling of brotherhood.

Many members of the league form a close bond, allowing them not only to understand one another's game but personality and needs as well.

These close bonds seem to be one of the leading factors in the success of a good team.

The better the teammates get along and regard one another, the better they play together.

Bowling League Rules

There are many bowling league rules, which must be adhered to and followed by all players. The following are rules stated by the United States Bowling Congress (USBC). All leagues must meet the following requirements.

  • They must apply for certification through the local association in the jurisdiction in which they bowl.
  • Each league must consist of 4 or more teams, with one or more players per team.
  • The league must bowl according to a prearranged schedule, which is based on the number of teams participating in that league.
  • Each bowling league must adopt rules and a prize list if there is going to be one.
  • All bowlers must be qualified under the by laws of the USBC in order to be a member.
  • They must designate a team champion for games, which are bowled in scheduled competitions. Also, they must govern themselves by the USBC rules. Other rules may be added, but these must not conflict with the USBC rules.
  • Each team must bowl 3 consecutive games each time the league is scheduled to bowl.
  • All games must be played and conducted in strict compliance with all playing rules in order for them to be considered official.

A temporary certification is provided for 30 days starting from the first day of competition, and also during this time it is eligible for all membership services, providing the lanes that they bowl on are certified, and the league membership fees and its league applications are turned in on or before the end of the grace period of 30 days.

Membership Cost

The average cost for participation in a bowling league is approximately 15 to 20 dollars per week. The costs sometime depend on the night and the competition level.

Membership in the American Bowling Congress or the Women's International Bowling Congress is approximately 16 dollars per year and some bowling leagues and alleys require registration in order to join a league.

Customized bowling balls start at around 40 dollars for a basic one, but they can be very fancy and consequently expensive as well. It just depends on a person's wants, needs and ability to pay.

It is also a good idea to bring some extra money for refreshments like hot dogs, hamburgers, French fries, pop or beer. Many choices in food and drinks are available at most bowling establishments. This will help you keep your strength and endurance up in order to hit some strikes and spares.

Sport Bowling

There are also bowling leagues called Sport Bowling. In Sport Bowling, conditions are much more challenging than they are in typical bowling league conditions.

Sport Bowling is made up of leagues and tournaments, which are conducted on more challenging lane conditions. In its most basic form, the program provides an opportunity for all bowlers to determine their true skills in such areas as consistency, accuracy, spare shooting skills, and the ability to read the lane conditions.

This allows them to receive high honor awards and successes because they are not relying on more forgiving lane patterns or on today's more high-tech equipment.

Embraced by bowlers, Sport Bowling provides a level of competition (including the Pro Bowling Association) for those bowlers who may be seeking a greater challenge, and also it means by which to base their level of success directly on their skills.

Sport Bowling separates the sport of bowling from the game by placing the emphasis on skills. Bowlers of all averages, high to low, are choosing to bowl in leagues, and there has been a large increase at the youth level.

This is a really exciting trend for the sport of league bowling. Many bowlers hold the mistaken belief that Sport Bowling leagues are only for the higher average players.

However, Sport Bowling leagues attracts bowlers who are looking to improve on their bowling skills, regardless of what their averages may be.

Whether a person decides to participate in a standard bowling league or in a Sport Bowling league, they can experience pride, challenge, skill improvement, ability, competition, physical fitness, and stimulating social interactions.

Overall, joining a bowling league is fun and can enrich a person's life in many positive and rewarding ways.

Almost every city in the nation has some type of bowling league or group. If you are having trouble finding a league to join, you can simply contact the local bowling alley or visit the Internet sources to find a league in your area.

Sporting good stores will generally have a good knowledge of bowling leagues in the area and how you can come in contact with them as well. In addition, you may want to check with the company that you work for or the church that you attend. Sometimes they will have a bowling league that you may not even have been aware of. Ask around, talk to neighbors, friends and family, chances are you will be able to locate a group that is willing to take you in.

Online Tournaments

The Internet has had a hand in spreading the word about bowling. Many bowling leagues run online tournaments, where the teams bowl individually and post their scores on a website.

Usually, these online tournaments run for 21 weeks, and at the end, the winning team gets a cash prize. These tournaments are popular for two reasons; the entrance fee is usually much lower than in traditional bowling tournaments, and the online tournaments allow teams to compete with players from all over the world.

The most popular bowling league website, League Secretary, features hundreds upon hundreds of teams from all 50 states, and nearly every country in the world. With so many people to draw from, the prize pool for online tournaments is usually sky high.

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