Bowling League: Types and Joining Criteria

Joining a bowling league can be a great way to spend special time with your family, friends, or even with coworkers.

Anyone from beginning to advanced bowlers can join a league. People of all ages can enjoy and benefit from participating in a bowling league.

Leagues provide social stimulation, and can also satisfy a competitive spirit.

Bowling dates back to the Egyptian Pharaohs and boasts a long and glorious heritage.

League bowling can be a very special part of the whole bowling experience. It can be a great way to relax, unwind, have fun with others, and help relieve the pressures of everyday life.

The thunderous roll of the ball, the sound of pins crashing, the great thrill of getting that strike, or even a bowler's first two hundred game can create spontaneous excitement and many precious and lasting memories.

You are bound to hear excitement, applause, and laughter when a league is in action. Anyone can be a valuable member of a bowling league, no matter what their bowling average may be.

If you are interested in improving your bowling skills or bonding with people, the best approach is to join a bowling league.

Types of Bowling Leagues

There are many different types of leagues available to suit many different people and their unique tastes. Just like dining in a restaurant, there is a whole menu of choices as far as bowling leagues that are offered.

The types of leagues include youth, adult, adult and youth, all men, all women, senior citizens, and groups with men and women together.

Times for bowling leagues can be during the day, mornings, afternoons, or evenings, which can be early such as right after work, or late at night. Leagues can take place during the weekdays or on the weekends.

A person can join a league anytime during the year, but leagues that take place during the summer (May or June), or in the fall or winter (like August or September), usually offer the greatest variety of choices as far as types, days, times, and formats. Lengths of the bowling league seasons are determined by the starting date.

On an adult team there are usually 4 or 5 bowlers. On a youth league team there are about 3 or 4. Bowling leagues can be made up of people with different backgrounds and interests. Religious organizations, various companies, fraternal groups and many others form leagues.

The format of a league is usually 3 games, which take approximately two and half-hours for a traditional bowling league.

Many times league bowlers compete for individual and team awards such as plaques and trophies. Also, many leagues will collect extra money at the end of the season or host a dinner or dance for the league members and their guests. Some organizational leagues will donate money to a charity that they represent.

Criteria for Joining A Bowling League

Some people hold the mistaken belief that in order to participate in league bowling they must carry an average score of 180 or more. This simply is not true.

A typical daytime female league member bowls somewhere between a score of 100 and 120. A nighttime female bowler typically averages around 120 to 140. And the typical male nighttime league bowler only averages between 140 and 160.

The game of bowling has a handicap system that when used helps balance beginning bowler's averages with perhaps older or avid player's.

The handicapping system for bowling is what gives everyone a fair chance to win. Taking a percentage of the difference between one's average and a designated score is calculated as one's handicap.

For example, the league may designate a score of 220 to base their handicap off of. If your average is 140 and the league determines the percentage to be 90%, you would take the 220 minus the 140, which makes 80. Then you would take 90% of 80, and that would give you 72. Therefore, your handicap would be 72.

If it happens that a player bowls just one good game at a score of 185 for example, they would take the 185 plus their handicap of 72 and that would give them a score of 257. This helps put them in a better position to help their team to win. This also improves their chances of winning some jackpots.

The way in which the jackpot works is very simple. One person will collect money for each jackpot. For example, if it costs 3 dollars to enter the second game jackpot and 25 people enter the jackpot, it would then be worth 75 dollars. If you happen to have the highest score out of the 25 entrants for the second game, you will win the jackpot of 75 dollars. In this way, not only can bowling in a league be challenging and fun, it can also be very profitable.

In order to join a bowling league, one can simply phone the local bowling alley and request information about any upcoming fall or summer leagues they are offering. Then contact the person who is in charge of the league. Usually this is the secretary. Ask if there are any openings for you to form a team.

Usually you can either form your own team, or if you do not have anyone to join with you, the bowling alley can connect you with others also looking to form a team. Most bowling leagues bowl 3 games per night, 1 night a week.

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