Basic Bowling Etiquette You Should Know

Like all sports, bowling is a sport that has some common rules of etiquette to follow. It is important that every player follows the rules of etiquette in order to make the game of bowling more enjoyable.

One of the most crucial points of bowling etiquette is the turns the players take to bowl.

Generally, if there are two players in the neighboring lanes that are ready to bowl at the same time, then the player in the right lane should bowl first.

When a player is lined up in their stance and ready to bowl, then that player must bowl and should avoid midway withdrawal once they are set to roll the ball.

Bowlers should bowl as efficiently as possible, and not delay leaving the lane once they have finished their roll. They should take the least amount of time to get into their stance, approach and delivery, but do not have to rush into their bowl.

If bowlers take their turns in a timely manner, then the game will progress quickly, and other bowlers can avoid the waiting of long periods of time between turns. Players may also find that sitting in sequence of their turns will also make the game go more smoothly.

Remaining behind fellow bowlers while they are taking their turn to bowl is also a common rule of etiquette in bowling. Bowlers should also be stick to the specific lane assigned to them; it is not appropriate manners to bowl in other player's lanes.

Whether in competition or casual play, the foul line rule should always be followed. Players should strive to play fair regardless of the conditions they play under.

Good sportsmanship in bowling should be expected just as in every other sport. Showing good sportsmanship in bowling involves taking your proper turn (and respecting team members' turn too), using your own ball throughout the game, and keeping score in a fair way.

Unsporting behavior such as belittling opponents after a won bowling game is poor sportsmanship and should be avoided. This applies to all sports, as nobody likes a poor loser or winner.

It is best to use one's own equipment such as balls and towels in bowling. Should the need arise to share gear, be sure to ask for proper permission from the appropriate owners.

Other good bowling etiquette includes staying in the approach area and stepping back from that area after the delivery is made. It is appropriate for players to remain seated until it is their turn to bowl, and to wait for the pin-setter to complete its cycle before rolling the next ball.

Controlling one's emotions during the game is also an unspoken rule of etiquette in bowling. It is not proper for a bowler to lose their temper, or swear in any case. Fighting is strictly forbidden during a bowling match, and any confrontational bowlers should be removed and ejected from the game.

Non-bowling items such as refreshments and any other paraphernalia should be left out of the pit area. If you have your own bowling balls, do not put more than two personal balls on the rack at a time.

Bowlers should never play in street shoes. The reason for this is because the shoes made for the bowlers are specialized to fit for the surface of the lanes unlike street shoes, which tend to stick to the surface of the floor hence making the playing of the game more difficult.

Therefore, every bowler should either purchase their own bowling shoes or rent them at the bowling alley.

The rules of etiquette for bowling are simple enough for all to understand, and all players should make an attempt to follow them while bowling. Proper etiquette is key component in the game of bowling and if followed can help players enjoy a smoother and fairer game.