Bowling Tips for Beginners: A Good Start

If you are a novice bowler, you may find hitting the bowling alley a little daunting. Being insecure about your own performance, suddenly the alley can make you feel you are surrounded by pros, all the time.

However, your first venture into the world of bowling doesn't have to be a nightmare.

All you have to do is to apply a few basic skills and techniques, and soon you will probably find that other bowlers are glancing nervously at you for a change.

"The game is 90% mental" is a favorite saying of pro bowlers, and that is the first challenge you have to overcome.

Approach the game with confidence. Accept the fact that there will be some successes and some failures, don't let either of this cloud your mind, and keep your focus on the game.

Work on developing techniques that help you stay confident and focused so you can play the game more consistently. Numerous pro bowlers recommend having a personalized routine or ritual before taking any shots. This is to help focus your attention on your shot and block out all of the distractions found around you in the alley.

The routine can be anything as it differs from person to person. Some prefer wiping down their ball others practice deep breathing. Some even develop their own calming mantra, which they repeat to themselves before taking a shot.

So develop your own routine that will help you remain calm and confident in order to bowl consistently at your best.

Proper care for your bowling equipment is just as important as your skills to maintain a good game. Beginners usually use the bowling balls and rental shoes provided at the alley, but if you intend to make bowling a serious hobby, you really ought to put serious thought into buying your own gear.

Visit a professional bowling shop and try out the different equipment available to suit your own needs. Seek advice from the pro shop staff. They can help you find equipment that suits your skill level.

Once you have purchased your own gear, you should take great care in maintaining their condition. This applies double to your bowling ball.

Some basic care includes washing excess oil of your ball with rubbing alcohol after every game, soak it in warm water and dish detergent (for about 10 to 20 minutes) every few weeks, and keep it properly sanded (consult a professional if you're new to this), waxed, and polished regularly.

Usually upon purchase of your own ball, the bowling equipment retailer should be able to explain in detail the proper upkeep for your particular ball. Be sure to ask the retailer should they forget to explain if your ball has any special requirements in upkeep.

Some people are anxious about being the new bowler on the block. To overcome this, try spending some time learning the local lingo so you'll fit in better. Ensure you know the proper rules of the game. You can learn these from a bowling guide or simply ask a more experienced bowler.

When familiarizing yourself with the game, the best help you can get is probably from your fellow bowlers. Get over your fear of being the least experienced bowler in the alley and speak up. Check out the way other people play, and ask them for tips.

You can also pick up useful bowling tips and skills from observing bowlers who seem to be successful. Don't worry about embarrassing yourself by approaching more experienced bowlers – most passionate bowlers that have a genuine love of the game should be more than happy to share with you.

Find it embarrassing to learn from experienced bowlers? You can still discover the secrets to bowling like a pro from a useful bowling guide on the Internet or in the bookstore, and you might surprise others with your fast improving skills.

We all started the game as beginners. It is important to keep your calm and stay cool and confident. Once you've had a little bit of practice and help from your fellow bowlers, the game should naturally come with ease to you.