Bowling Ball: Polishing and Sanding

To keep your ball in perfect game condition, you will need to occasionally polish it, sand it, and resurface it. How often you do each of these really depends on you and your preference.


If you feel like you ball is losing its snap and skip, give it a quick polish.

Polishing your bowling ball will help with the skid on lane conditions that are drier.

The shinier the ball, the easier it will be to traverse the head of the lane without using up as much energy.

If the surface of the ball is too dull, it can cause the ball to hook early and use up the energy too early instead of storing the energy until it reaches the back-end. In this instance the ball can be polished to increase the amount of back-end reaction.


One reason for sanding your bowling ball is to remove imbedded dirt and scratches that occur over time. If the ball is scratched it can lead to an inconsistent game. Another reason is to increase the hook potential of your ball.

Use a low grit sand paper to give your ball more of a hook and arc. Use a grittier paper to smooth out the surface if you want more snap and skip. Sanding bowling balls is usually not something an amateur should take on himself or herself, since it can change the way the ball plays. If you're new to the game, consult a professional before you pull out your sand paper.


Resurface your ball approximately every 30 games or so, or when you notice a distinct groove or indention in your ball.

A ball spinner is a good investment as it assists you in resurfacing your ball through cleaning, sanding and polishing. Spinners run anywhere from $300 up to $2000 dollars, just whatever your pocket book can afford. If you are not certain that you will be able to accomplish this at home, keep in mind that resurfacing equipment is available at the pro shops.

Using these techniques to care for and store your bowling ball should help extend the life of your bowling ball; in fact, with proper care and attention, professionals say a good bowling ball can last a lifetime. In addition to adding some years onto the life of your ball, the proper ball care will help add points onto your high score.

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