Anatomy of a Bowling Alley


Control Desk/Counter

The control deck or counter is the area in which you purchase your games and also get your shoes from this area. If you have any difficulties or if equipment malfunctions you should report it to the control counter. There are employees that are in this area that can assist you and resolve any issues that you may encounter.

Concourse Area

The concourse area is behind the approach area and generally where those not bowling will remain. In most alleys the house balls can be found in this area. Food and drinks are permitted in this area but may not enter the approach area for fear of accidents.

The concourse area is a walkway in which many players will visit with others or travel to the different areas of the bowling alley.

Bowling Area

In the bowling area is where the lanes are separated by groups of seats. There will be two lanes that can be used to bowl and this is important during competitions or league bowling. This allows two teams of people to bowl in the same area, but have their own lane.

Ball Return Equipment

The ball return equipment is where you will pick up your ball when it is your turn to bowl. This is where the ball is returned after bowling your turn.

Carefully pick up the ball from the ball return equipment, many people get their fingers mashed because of improper techniques. You should pick up the ball with your palm flat and after the balls have stopped rolling. Be patient and do not get in a hurry.

The reset button is also located on the ball return equipment. The reset button is used when the pins do not reset after an individual has played.

Sometimes after the pins are knocked down the frame will not reset and simply stay that way without clearing the pins. This is when to use the reset button. The reset button is not a toy or for the use of children.

Approach Area

The approach area is where the player walks down the ball for release onto the lane. The individual that is bowling should be the only one in the approach area. No one else should be in the approach area to avoid accidents and distractions.

There are a series of dots and arrows in the approach area that are used as guides to help the player line up and aim for the appropriate pins.